September 8-10, 2021

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Join our Medicare Fellowship for training, product rollouts and merriment.

Agents, prepare yourself for an epic journey to AEP and beyond.

Attention heroic Medicare professionals: You are hereby invited to three days of value-packed insights, AEP MAPD and PDP rollouts and Medicare Supplement training from the mightiest of carriers. Furthermore, you will hear the wisdom of many of the industry’s noble and great.

Not from the land of Arizona? Fear not. You will encounter an abundance of value no matter your location.

What is WAPCon?

A renowned tradition for six years, this Medicare gathering provides valued counsel, training and address the challenges that face agents on the road to AEP. Our Medicare Wizard, Paul Rose, and the WAP Fellowship of Partners will share insights, resources, tools and world-class training in this virtual and comprehensive event.

Why Attend WAPCon?

  • Witness 2022 AZ Carrier AEP Rollouts all in one spot
  • Be privy to National Carrier expansions, updates, virtual resources
  • Affiliate with carrier representatives in Q&A sessions
  • Converse with peers, agencies, carriers, providers, and vendors
  • Obtain Carrier PDF materials for future use
  • Behold demos from nationwide vendors specializing in Medicare
  • Learn effective lead generation and retention strategies
  • Experience revelry, valued prices and swag
  • 3 Day, Online Interactive Conference for Agents and Agencies
  • Receive added Virtual Tools for Agents in 2022

Join forces with a glorious community of the industry’s experts and uncover tactical advice from industry-leading experts in the world of Medicare. Reserve your place this very day.

Do not delay! Tickets will sell out in short order.


Be enlightened by the latest industry trends and wisdomfrom these Keynote Speakers.

Tim Brousseau, Deft Research

Paul Rose

Tim Brousseau, Deft Research

Tim Brousseau

Tim Brousseau, Deft Research

Mari Tautimes

PAUL ROSE - CEO, Western Asset Protection

Paul Rose and Team continue to expand the Western Asset Protection to serve more than 2,200 agents nationwide with Medicare Advantage and Supplement plan information and training. A natural-born influencer, Paul is an inspiring public speaker, coach, and leader — able to adjust his style to relate to any audience. Colleagues describe him as someone who is fair, generous, and funny, and always ready to jump in and help. He has unparalleled knowledge on the topics of Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, Part D Rx and Hospital Indemnity plans. Western Asset Protection (WAP) is a leading professional brokerage firm for Medicare Advantage and Supplements. In business since 1982, the company joined forces with Integrity Marketing Group in 2020, gaining a valuable partnership and expanding resources and technology capabilities for our agents.

MARI TAUTIMES - Author, Speaker & Business Coach

Prior to her exit from Western Asset Protection in 2019, Mari served as co-CEO alongside her twin brother Paul Rose for 22 years helping build the organization’s culture, technology, marketing, special projects and events. Her passion lies in the art and science of business and personal development where she studies, tests, implements and then learns – and then turns around to share with the world what she’s learned in a way that anyone who is interested could develop their own business or life. Mari is excited to share what she has learned in her new book #keepgoing: From 15 Year Old Mom to Successful CEO and Entrepreneur

TIM BROUSSEAU - Senior Vice President, Deft Research

Tim Brousseau has nearly 15 years of Medicare sales, marketing and product experience. Tim’s health care career began at CVS Health where he worked in various marketing and product development roles including five years supporting SilverScript Insurance Company’s Medicare Part D plans. In 2011, Tim joined Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona and was responsible for the overall product development and management of Government Programs, including Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement and Medicare Part D. In addition to his in-depth knowledge of Medicare, Tim has experience with launching new plans and products, service area expansion, plan and network contraction, market assessment and overall business development. Tim joined Deft Research in 2016 as Vice President of Client Services and brings industry knowledge and firsthand experiences to the company. Since then he has provided in-depth knowledge of all health insurance lines of business to Deft clients.

WAPCon 2022 tickets are available now!

Get a jump and a huge discount by reserving your seat now

Reserve your Seat for WAPCon2022

Harken to the experiences of previous WAPcon attendees

Opportunity to learn a lot without traveling to multiple locations on multiple days.

Just show up and have fun and learn from the pros!

WAPCon is such a great motivating experience. It's awesome to get the opportunity to speak to the carriers, vendors, and see the enthusiasm of Mari and Paul and have it rub off onto you!

I have NEVER attented a conference that I thought was worth my time, much less helpful and valuable. WAPCon was completely different! I wish I would have come last year as well.

Provides a lot of information in one place, networking... it's energizing!

The WAPcon registration fee is the best $ you will spend all year!

You MUST go... it will add value to your business!

You gotta go...nothing else compares

You can't afford NOT to attend! Fulfill compliance, network and gather more industry info.

WAPCon 2022 tickets are available now!

Get a jump and a huge discount by reserving your seat now

Reserve your Seat for WAPCon2022

Brought to you by Western Asset Protection.

WAPCon—the premier conference on all things Medicare—is hosted by Western Asset Protection in Phoenix, Arizona. At WAPCon, you can complete rollouts for all your Medicare health plans over a three-day period, without driving all over the state. You can also speak directly with carrier representatives, network and learn best practices to fuel your business growth.